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 Florida Roof Cleaning by The Roofing Manufacturers Method Is Not Pressure Cleaning!

At Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning, clearly we do all types of pressure cleaning and have done so since 1989 here in Charlotte County, Fl We just don't pressure clean roofing, because it is the wrong way to clean a roof and causes too much wear and damage to roofs.

The links below all say to clean roofs with the method I use!
They all also say specifically "DO NOT PRESSURE WASH"

{GAF Roofing Manufacturer}    = GAF Roofing Manufacturers 

{ARMA Roofing Manufacturer Association  Cleaning Bulletin} ARMA pdf/Algae_Discoloration_of_Roofs_-_ARMA_Technical_Bulletin.pdf   ARMA Roof MFG Asso.

{CORNING Roofing Manufacturer} Click number 1 "algae growth"

The ARMA also says not to allow anyone to apply any roof coatings. This is a common sales gimmick. Usually pressure washing companies-not roof cleaning companies-will pressure wash your roof and then sell you an after coating, which they want to reapply every 2 years.Names like Roof-A----. Not wanting to name any specific one. Read the ARMA warning below.

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