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 I AM 100% ALL FOR GOING GREEN!  As Soon as a roofing manufacturer lists a green product as safe to put on your roof, on their websites, I will put it on your roof. Right now none do, It's your property and your roofing warranty, I have no right to use you as a "test" project. Yet many of my competitors do just that. The only 100% Green method known to me, is power washing the roof with no chemicals, just water.  A roof will sometimes come clean "looking" just by blasting the algae off. The algae was not chemically killed, so after pressure washing, the roof is still coated in living algae spores, which continue to grow strong and turn black again in a year or so.  Of course, that pressure also takes years off the life of your roof and may well void your roof's warranty, but it is 100% environmentally friendly, at first glance First glance? Yes, nothing will ruin a roof faster than pressure washing it, so if you you look at the long term picture, you are adding to the asphalt / tar, in the landfills, as roofs need replacing at half life.  That's not eco-friendly at all, just expensive for you! Other than chlorine, as suggested by the manufacturers of the roofing, who knows what chemicals are used to make a new so called "green" roof cleaning mix?  We do all are familiar with bleach- chlorine though! We drink it in our faucet water, soak in it in our showers and swim in it in our pools.  It is bio-degradable and after applying it to a roof, it reverts back to what it was made from-common salt. The photos below show some roofs we have cleaned with the only roofing manufacturer approved chemical, chlorine / water and a small amount of TSP. http://www.flickr.com/photos/27773239@N02/?saved=1 

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